Thursday, October 20, 2011

3rd Trip Out

We loaded up Lola, as we've decided to call her (Lola the Lo-Liner, hee), and ran up I-35 to St. Croix State Park, where we met up with friends in their (new to them) 2008 Malibu. Ain't we a pair!

The more times we take Lola out, the longer our List of Things that Need Doing becomes. But that's for later, when the snow flies and camping season is truly done. For now, we'll just continue to enjoy her.

We've got one more trip out, to Nerstrand-Big Woods State Park this weekend. There's talk of maybe squeezing in one more after that the weekend of November 5th, but I have a feeling this is it. I'm sad that camping is winding down...but also excited to start tackling that List of Things that Need Doing. Time to make Lola shine!


  1. Hello, we also own a 1969 "Lucy" Lo-liner. We usually take her out with a larger pick up truck. I was wondering how your car does pulling the trailer. Do you have any trouble with the weight at all? Thanks for your time.

  2. The car has no trouble with this light trailer. The Buick has a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds (last of the true full size wagons). The hitch is a little lower, at only 3,500. But these vintage trailers are well below that weight.