Friday, November 4, 2011

Nerstrand Big Woods

In a nod to the cooling weather, we headed south.  OK, so 50 miles south doesn't make much of a climate change but it's the thought that counts.  We stayed at Nerstrand Big Woods State Park with friends from college.  It was a lovely weekend of reminiscing, catching up and meat.  We also met some fellow old camper enthusiasts.  One gentleman talked to me as I came out of the camper on Saturday morning, wondering who manufactured our Aristocrat.  He had a 1973 camper that was three sites down that shared some similar lines and he wondered if they were made in the same factory.  I didn't know enough about the company history, but it seemed likely.

We also met some folks who were camping together in a pair of fiberglass campers.  One was a 16' Scamp that was nearly identical to a Scamp we rented this spring to see what we thought of hard sided camping.  The owner had repainted the exterior so the Scamp logo was gone, and then added some dayglo vinyl flower stickers.  So we felt a kinship with our glittery "Peace" sign and butterfly decals.  The other camper was a Trillium.  Trillium is still manufacturing trailers, but this one was from 1973.  The owner had done a nice job of cleaning it up and redid most of the interior wood.  It was very nice.  Unfortunately, I failed to take photos of any of these 3 campers.  You'll have to be satisfied with the few that I did take.

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